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Driver jailed for punching father and son

Local man detained after father-son demanded explanation following road collision in Limassol


A local man was arrested in Limassol on aggravated assault charges following a road rage incident on Thursday, with reports saying an altercation took place between two drivers but also a man’s father who rushed to the scene.

Police said a 33-year-old male was detained on Thursday following a complaint filed by a man and his father, who said the suspect had assaulted them both.

An investigation based on the complaint reportedly focused on an incident Thursday noon, on Ioannis Kalogeropoulou Street around 12:30pm, after the suspect’s car collided with a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old male.

The suspect spent the night in jail over aggravated assault charges, with police telling Knews they were not treating the case as road rage

Following the collision, police said the 20-year-old demanded an explanation from the other driver, with the 33-year-old allegedly pushing the young man, who then called his father.

When the 58-year-old father arrived at the scene and demanded an explanation, an altercation ensued with the 33-year-old allegedly attacking the two men and punching them in the face.

Father and son, both described as locals, then went to a private medical clinic where doctors treated the dad for a broken nose and cuts to the face. Reports said he received a number of stitches, while the son had sustained minor injuries to the head.

The suspect was detained on aggravated assault charges and spent the night in jail, with police telling Knews CID Limassol investigators were not treating the case as a road rage incident.

It was not immediately clear whether the detained suspect would be released or face a remand hearing on Friday.

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