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EC ban on flavored or heated tobacco products began yesterday

EU member states have 8 months to incorporate the directive into their domestic legislation

Source: CNA

The Commission announced today that flavored or flavored heated tobacco products will be prohibited beginning today, Wednesday. Members have eight months to incorporate the delegated directive into their domestic legislation. The new rules will be fully implemented on October 23, 2023, following a transition period to allow the existing stock to be depleted.

It should be noted that the ban does not apply to all electronic cigarette products that use vaping, but only to those that use tobacco.

This ban moves us closer to a "tobacco-free generation." "Kyriakides elaborated.

"Tobacco is responsible for 90% of lung cancers. Given the constant introduction of new products on the market, it is critical to insist on reducing tobacco consumption "Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner of Health, stated

The ban was decided following a significant increase in sales of these tobacco products across the EU, according to a statement. The Commission intends to contribute to one of the European Cancer Plan's objectives, which is to reduce the percentage of the population using tobacco products to 5% by 2040.

"Our citizens, particularly young people, will be better protected from the harmful effects of these products as a result of the ban. This ban moves us closer to a "tobacco-free generation." "Kyriakided elaborated.

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