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Efforts underway for fair and transparent management of T/C properties

Interior Minister Ioannou acknowledges shortcomings of current property management model and emphasizes the need for improvements

Newsroom / CNA

The Interior Ministry is proceeding with the implementation of some measures regarding Turkish Cypriot properties, with the ultimate aim of correcting problems that have been created over time and managing them in a transparent and meritocratic manner, Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou said today.

Responding to a journalist's question, on the sidelines of a press conference held on the "BuildingZO" Project, regarding a current press report on the management of Turkish Cypriot properties, Ioannou said that this is an issue that has been known to the Ministry for some months, through the Auditor General's Report and is also in the program of President Christodoulides' administration.

"It is generally accepted that the current model of operation and management of Turkish Cypriot properties has not achieved its objectives. Our goal is that in the end result, the management of Turkish Cypriot properties should be done in a meritocratic and transparent manner," he noted.

Moreover, he pointed out that some measures have already been taken, such as the publication of the properties to be disposed of, while he referred to the lack of computerization, saying that although it has been launched, it will not be resolved immediately due to the process of tenders that is required to be done. He also said that officials have been hired so that the problem of rent collection can also be solved.

In addition, the Home Minister said that recommendations have already been submitted by the Director of the said Department and these have been finalized.

He stressed that the Ministry is proceeding with the implementation of some measures, the ultimate goal of which is transparency and meritocracy.

"I must admit, however, that mistakes that have been made, fait accompli, are not easy to undo. But the important thing is that from now on, where and when we can correct problems, of course, we will do so. But at least, from now on, the management should be done in a meritocratic and transparent way," concluded Mr Ioannou.


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