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EUNOMIA 4-2023 to unite nations and strengthen ties with the US

President Christodoulides discusses unity for security

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The joint exercise of Cyprus, France, Greece, and Italy "EUNOMIA 4-2023" is an indication of the readiness of the four countries to work together to ensure conditions of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, said on Thursday President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides.

He also talked about developments towards strengthening cooperation with the United States.

Speaking at the Evangelos Florakis Naval base in Mari, ahead of his visit to the French frigate "Chevalier Paul" which is in Cyprus for the EUNOMIA 4-2023 military exercise, President Christodoulides said that these four EU member states are taking into account the efforts being made by the EU to further enhance cooperation on security and defence issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, a region, as he said, of particular geostrategic importance for the EU.

President Christodoulides also expressed the government's satisfaction for hosting this exercise.

Responding to a journalist's observation that messages are being sent with exercises of such scope, he said that these exercises are not directed against any third country. "Our countries are pillars of security and stability. We are here to cooperate, to see what prospects for further cooperation are created, and certainly this exercise is not directed against any third country", he replied.

To a remark that this exercise upgrades the role of the Republic of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean, the President of the Republic referred to the upgrading also of infrastructure, stating that this is important for the government as the aim is to maximize the island's geographical position.

"You understand the importance of Cyprus' geographical position for the EU but also for other actors in the international arena", he said. He also noted the strengthening of cooperation with the United States, saying that there will be developments in this direction.

During his visit to the Naval Base, the President of the Republic was briefed about the exercise by the Minister of Defence, Michalis Giorgallas, and the military leadership.

Present at the briefing were also the Ambassador of France to Cyprus Salina Grenet-Catalano, the National Guard Chief, Lieutenant General Georgios Tsitsikostas, and other officials.

It is noted that France coordinated this year's exercise.

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