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Family scatters son's ashes after ordeal

Grateful Polish family thanks police and Cypriots after stolen urn is returned to rightful owners


A grateful family returned to Cyprus this week and scattered their son’s ashes two days after thieves had a change of heart and returned a stolen urn.

According to a Facebook post by Kinga Bednarz, a Polish national living in Sweden, her family flew back to Cyprus on Tuesday and were able to dispose of her son’s ashes during a solemn ceremony on Wednesday, near the marina in Zygi, Larnaca district.

“Our son may now rest in peace. If someday you are in Zigy at the little marina... you may throw a flower into the sea as a greeting to our Dennis,” Bednarz wrote on Facebook.

The case made headline news last weekend after a wooden box containing Dennis’ cremated ashes was stolen along with other items from the family rental car, which was burglarized outside a restaurant parking lot at Governor's Beach.

A 33-year-old Greek Cypriot male has admitted the theft and apologized for his actions, while a total of three suspects were detained in connection with the case.

Dennis mother, who lost her son in a car accident five months ago in Sweden, stated publicly that she did not wish to cause trouble for the perpetrators as she was only after the ashes of her son.

“You know, our Dennis used to say: ‘mamma, you'll see, someday I will be a citizen of the world, you will be proud of me, mamma, you'll see!! I will have a lot of friends everywhere!’ I've got a feeling that now, together with ALL OF YOU we have fulfilled our son's wish! Thank you!” she wrote on Facebook.

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