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Fighting corruption with their hands tied

What the Transparency Commissioner, Harris Poyiadjis, said

The establishment of the Independent Authority for Combating Corruption is a "new" concept in Cypriot political affairs. But what are its actions, accomplishments, and the objective difficulties it faces in its early stages of operation? What are its competencies and powers?

Mr. Poyiadjis confirmed that it is part of the committee's mandate to investigate political figures.

Haris Poyiadjis, the leader of the team appointed by the President of the Republic only four months ago, provided the first insight while speaking on the SPOR FM 95.0 radio show "Diaspora News." When asked to comment on what has been widely asserted in recent years - that Cyprus is a corrupt country - and whether this is true, the Transparency Commissioner said he would not like to comment on a broad scale, adding that each case or complaint is investigated individually. "We don't have a good name though," he admitted.

When asked if there are any complaints before the authority, Mr. Poyiadjis confirmed that the commission has received several complaints or grievances, the vast majority of which involve individuals. Asked if they include political figures, Mr. Poyiadjis confirmed it did, emphasizing that it is part of the commission's nature to investigate officials. He emphasized that the Authority can intervene ex officio, without a formal complaint, because a large part of the investigation is dependent on the press and journalists who assist them in their work.

He mentioned several times that the commission is waiting for regulations and the framework to be put in place so that it can investigate and intervene in cases, and that they only received two new complaints today (Thursday, November 24). With their adoption, the Commission's hands are "untied," and they will be posted on the website alongside the public information procedure.



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