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First Greek Cypriot who settled in occupied area has passed away 

Nikolas Skourides was the first Greek Cypriot to settle in the occupied area after the 1974 invasion of Turkey

Source: CNA

Yeni Dusen reported on Tuesday that the "first Greek Cypriot to settle in the northern part of Cyprus" since 1974 had passed away.

"Nicolas Skourides, "the first Greek Cypriot to build a house and settle in the northern part of Cyprus," whose 349-square-meter plot in Larnaca, Lapithos, was returned in 2018 by a decision of the real estate committee, died," according to a Turkish Cypriot publication.

Skouridis' funeral was held today, January 17 at 12:00 p.m. at St George Church in Agios Dometios.

Skouridis told Yeni Dusen shortly before his death that he was determined to settle in Larnaca, Lapithos, where he wished to spend the rest of his life.

Skouridis told the T/C newspaper that he was one of the last to leave the village on August 15, 1974 "When I arrived in the village in 2003 and saw that our house had been destroyed, I became very ill for months. Despite my reservations, I continued to visit my village. I preferred to come to the village and have my daily coffee with the Turkish Cypriots ".

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