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Cavusoglu to the US: The stability in Cyprus is eroding

'What weapons are sold to whom is irrelevant. What matters is Turkey's strength and the steps it is taking', the Turkish foreign minister argued.

Source: CNA

The balance in Cyprus and in Greek-Turkish relations has begun to unravel, according to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who stated that it makes no difference to whom weapons are sold. What matters is Turkey's strength and the steps it is taking, according to the Turkish foreign minister.

In a joint press conference with Bosnia and Herzegovina's Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers and Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic, Cavusoglu stated that he will meet with his US counterpart Blinken on Wednesday to discuss the sale of F16s from the US to Turkey.

"Our friends have already traveled to Washington, where they will hold preparatory meetings. F-16s are one of the topics on our agenda. Military negotiations for F-16s have concluded. The State Department has briefed Congress informally. If there are no objections, the process is complete, and formal notice is issued "He did, however, point out that the President's request could be rejected by 51 percent of Congress.

"If that happens, it will be sent to Congress a second time. This time, it will need to be rejected by a two-thirds majority, but we anticipate that the process will go smoothly. Agreements have been reached with the administration at all levels, and the administration believes this is critical not only for Turkey but also for NATO. There will be no issues if the command remains stable. We've stated it before. We don't want to purchase a product with conditions, "added the Turkish Foreign Minister.

The Turkish foreign minister commented on the F-35 sale to Greece, saying, "We also read in the media about the sale of F-35s to Greece." "We are warning the US that the balance in Turkey-Greece relations is beginning to deteriorate. And the balance in Cyprus began to deteriorate. The United States should keep this balance in mind. Otherwise, it makes no difference to whom or what weapons are sold. What matters is our determination and the steps we take. We'll look into it "He came to a conclusion.

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