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GESY surgeons accused of off-system practices

Doctors face allegations of moonlighting in non-government hospitals


In recent developments, rumors suggest that doctors within the GESY, particularly those in surgical specialties, may be providing services in non-GESY medical facilities.

According to a Philenews' report, despite ongoing discussions among GESY physicians and occasional reports to the Health Insurance Organization, specific complaints are yet to be secured, according to Athos Tsinontidis, the deputy director general of the organization.

Christodoulos Kaisis, the commissioner for GESY supervision, is actively investigating the matter, acknowledging the potential illegality if GESY-contracted doctors are indeed operating outside the system.

However, identifying these doctors proves challenging without concrete names and evidence. Kaisis emphasized the need for citizens who have received paid services from these doctors outside GESY to come forward with testimonies for any decisive action.

While reports have circulated within the medical community regarding certain doctors participating in surgeries outside GESY and receiving payment for their services, the lack of official complaints hinders regulatory measures.

Tsinodidis highlighted the importance of concrete evidence for effective intervention, emphasizing the organization's commitment to addressing such issues when substantiated claims are presented.

As the investigation unfolds, the GESY commissioner, Kaisis, awaits responses to a comprehensive questionnaire sent to the Oversight and Audit Service (OAI), seeking clarification on the scope of activities permissible for GESY doctors.

The situation underscores the complexities of regulating doctors' activities both within and outside the GESY framework.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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