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Greek Cypriots and foreigners clash in Paphos

Violent confrontations follow peaceful protest, prompting police intervention


Violent clashes erupted Monday night in the Paphos District of Cyprus between Greek Cypriots and foreigners, with video footage capturing the chaotic scenes, including individuals brandishing offensive weapons.

According to Michalis Nicolaou, Assistant Police Operations Director of Paphos, the Police received reports of approximately 30-35 minors of Arab origin, residing at a Juvenile Facility in Paphos, marching to Kennedy Square to protest the anniversary of the start of the civil war in Syria 13 years ago.

Officers from the Paphos Police Action and Prevention Unit were dispatched to Kennedy Square, where they encountered the protesters engaged in peaceful demonstrations. However, tensions escalated as patrons from nearby establishments voiced complaints about their presence, leading to confrontations.

"While police intervention prevented the situation from escalating, footage shared on social media depicts clashes spiraling out of control," Nicolaou stated.

In connection with ongoing investigations into allegations of racism, assault causing bodily harm, possession of weapons with intent to incite terror, and making threats, a 44-year-old man was arrested Monday night. He was later released pending further questioning.

The incident underscores simmering tensions in Cyprus, where social and political divisions often flare into violence, requiring swift police intervention to maintain order.

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