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Heat advisory but some rain chances

Yellow warning for Sunday afternoon, low chances of spotty drizzle mainly in the mountains


A heat advisory is in effect Sunday afternoon due to extreme high temperatures in the interior, while there are low chances of rain mainly in the mountains.

Weather officials have issued a yellow warning for Sunday afternoon, effective from 1pm until 4:30pm, citing “extreme high temperature” expected to rise to around 41° degrees Celsius inland, while a low pressure system continues throughout the weekend.

Wednesday weather is expected to be mostly clear with a slight increase in temperature

Mostly clear skies are expected throughout the day while afternoon clouds over the interior of the island, with low chances of localized showers and possibly storms primarily in the mountains and rural areas in the foothills.

Interior max 41C / 105F

Maximum highs are expected to reach 41° degrees Celsius inland, 32 on the west coast, and 33 in all other coastal regions as well as up in the mountains.

Evening weather is expected to be mostly clear with chances of low clouds and possibly light fog overnight and minimum lows dropping to 24 in the interior and 20 elsewhere.

Clear skies are in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday with chances of increasing afternoon clouds inland and over the mountains. Local showers and storms in some parts are also likely, along with misty mornings.

Wednesday weather is expected to be mostly clear with a slight increase in temperature.

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