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Homes evacuated in Paphos forest fire

Civil defence and police on stand-by as fire department battles to contain raging wild fire


Fire fighters have been battling forest fires in Paphos district on Monday afternoon, where some evacuations were ordered out of fear of changes in wind direction.

According to local media, a wild forest fire between Armageti and Pentalia villages in Paphos broke out early afternoon in a remote area, with fire fighters and aerial support trying to contain the flames.

The Cyprus News Agency reported that fire fighters managed to contain another fire in Yiolou, after three fire engines moved north to fight the blaze, while the larger fire was still raging further south.

Fire Department spokesperson Andreas Kettis took to Twitter to provide brief updates, while also announcing that off duty staff in the district were being called in along with stand-by calls to Civil Defence and the Police district department.

“For precautionary reasons, Civil Defence and the Police department have been notified to take part in the effort in case evacuations have to be ordered depending on the development of the fire,” Kettis said.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, local officials confirmed a number of homes were indeed evacuated as the fire was nearing Pentalia.

The fire was described at times as “out of control” and moving fast, while a total of nine aircraft were involved in battling the blaze. Reports said wind direction changes were a cause for concern.


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