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Hunter slapped with 3,000 euro fine

Illegal hunting in restricted zone sparks conservation concerns


A hunter in Cyprus has received a 3,000 euro out-of-court fine for engaging in illegal hunting in a restricted area. According to Paphos Police Department spokesman and Paphos CID head Michael Nicolaou, on September 3, 2023 the Game Service identified an individual from Paphs hunting in the prohibited Ezousa area of Agia Varvara. Subsequently, authorities seized the hunter's firearm and several cartridges. The offender was then issued a 3,000 euro fine.

In response to this incident, Cyprus's conservation and wildlife protection organizations have emphasized the importance of adhering to designated hunting zones to safeguard local ecosystems and wildlife populations. The fine serves as a reminder of the strict enforcement measures in place to preserve the natural environment in the region. Authorities continue to monitor hunting activities closely to ensure compliance with regulations aimed at protecting the island's unique biodiversity.




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