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Woman with knife in Cyprus arrested at pro-Russia event

Larnaca police arrest Ukrainian woman in alleged knife attack against demonstrators on Russia Flag Day


A woman in Larnaca has been arrested in connection with a knife incident during an event for Russian National Flag Day in the southern Cypriot town.

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Local media said some 20 people from Russia gathered Monday evening at a local park in Larnaca across from Panagia Faneromeni church to celebrate their National Flag Day.

During a gathering of people taking part in a pro-Russia motorcade, a woman showed up holding a knife and threatening them in her native language

During the gathering, believed to have been a meeting point for people taking part in a pro-Russia motorcade, a woman showed up allegedly holding a knife and threatening demonstrators in her native language.

Local reports said the suspect, described as a 55-year-old Ukrainian woman, appeared to be intoxicated.

Police did not issue a report about the incident or any charges but told Knews officers at the scene detained the suspect on multiple charges.

The exact time of the incident could not be confirmed, with police saying it took place in the afternoon while local media saying it was in the evening around 9:30pm.

Larnaca has been a home away from home for war-fleeing Ukrainians, with reports suggesting a weeklong celebration was to take place across Cyprus in celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day.

Both pro-Russia and pro-Ukraine events have been taking place in Cyprus by foreign nationals and locals who support either group, with police often called to maintain order or deter possible violent clashes. 

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