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Limassol forest fire partially controlled

Teams and volunteers unite against forest fire

Newsroom / CNA

A forest fire that ignited on Wednesday in the Saint Mamas community area of Limassol Province has been partially brought under control as of Thursday morning. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated firefighting teams, who tirelessly worked through the night, the situation has improved.

At 7:00 a.m. today, the teams managed to gain some control over the blaze that started at approximately 3:15 p.m. yesterday, giving hope that the fire can be contained soon.

The fire affected an area of approximately 1.5 square kilometers, which was covered with dense forest vegetation. Authorities from the Forest Department confirmed this information in a statement.

To tackle the flames, firefighting authorities reactivated the "IKAROS 2 Plan" early this morning, and they were supported by eight firefighting aircraft to combat the fire from the air.

This has been a collective effort, with a total of 200 personnel from the Forest Department actively involved in the operation. They were supported by a fleet of 30 fire trucks, six bulldozers, and two water tankers to combat the fire on the ground.

In addition to the Forest Department's personnel and equipment, other agencies also joined the fight against the fire. Twenty firefighters with six fire trucks, 19 Civil Defense members with six smaller firefighting vehicles, and 10 Game and Fauna Service members with two smaller firefighting vehicles were present on the scene.

Furthermore, volunteers and residents, along with personnel from the Ambulance Service, Police, National Guard, and Limassol District Administration, have offered their assistance to combat the blaze.

Despite significant progress in bringing the fire under control, authorities are staying vigilant, keeping strong firefighting teams in the area to watch for any potential reignition and respond immediately if necessary.

As the situation develops, authorities continue to work tirelessly to fully extinguish the fire and prevent further damage to the natural environment and local communities. The collective efforts of all involved offer hope for a successful resolution to this challenging situation.

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