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First woman chairperson for INTERMEPA

Empowering change: Semiramis Paliou makes history at INTERMEPA

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The International Marine Environment Protection Association INTERMEPA announced the election of Semiramis Paliou as its first woman Chairperson on Wednesday. As noted, Paliou succeeds Joe Hughes, during the tenure of whom a "groundbreaking revival and progress" for the organization was marked.

According to the association, the high-level Steering Committee, comprising the Chairpersons and Directors of the national MEPAs, including CYMEPA (Cyprus), HELMEPA (Greece), NAMEPA (North America), NIMEPA (Nigeria), PHILMEPA (Philippines), TURMEPA (Turkey), UKRMEPA (Ukraine), and URUMEPA (Uruguay), unanimously elected Semiramis Paliou (HELMEPA Chairperson) and George Tsavliris (CYMEPA Chairperson) as Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the association for the next two years.

It is added that the challenges presented by the recently revised IMO GHG strategy, aiming for net zero greenhouse gas emissions from shipping by 2050, INTERMEPA emerges as a "prominent point" of reference for sustainable development initiatives worldwide, while through collaborative efforts and the exchange of best practices, the national MEPAs reaffirm their "unwavering commitment to reducing GHG emissions from shipping, combating marine pollution, promoting sustainable maritime training (ESGs – SDGs), and fostering environmental awareness to support the Blue Economy, focusing on youth engagement."

The statement also includes quotes by the newly elected INTERMEPA Chairperson, who stressed the importance of synergy and extensive collaboration among maritime stakeholders and supply chain participants to advance decarbonization and promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while expressing gratitude to the members of the Steering Committee for their trust and extended appreciation to the departing Chairperson, Joe Hughes, for his remarkable contributions in propelling INTERMEPA's new impetus over the past two years.

The virtual meeting had a special emotional touch with the presence of Nikos Pappadakis, INTERMEPA's first Chairperson in 2006, who shared insights into the founders' vision for the Association and encouraged further enhancement of synergy across the waves, the statement concludes.

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