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Limassol police corner in suspect vehicle

Drug, traffic, public health violations after officers corner in suspect vehicle during curfew


Three patrol cars collided with a suspect vehicle on Wednesday night in Limassol, after the driver failed to stop for inspection, with officers ending up making arrests on drug, traffic, and public health violations.

According to police, officers from the Crime Prevention Unit spotted a suspicious vehicle on Wednesday night in Limassol, during a night curfew after 11pm, with six people inside.

When officers attempted to block the car’s path for inspection, the driver of the vehicle turned off his lights and sped away, in an effort to escape according to police. The suspect vehicle was finally cornered in at another location in town after colliding with three patrol cars.

The suspect vehicle was finally cornered in at another location in town after colliding with three patrol cars

Police said they arrested the 43-year-old driver, who was driving on a suspended permit, along with his 38-year-old front seat passenger, both described by local media as Greek Cypriot males.

Four others aged between 21 and 27 were in the back seat, while police officers located 12 nylon bags outside the vehicle that contained a beige substance believed to be heroin. One of the passengers, a 27-year-old foreign national, told police that the substance belonged to him and he was later arrested.

The driver was also detained on suspicion of driving under the influence following a preliminary drug test.

All six individuals were also cited for health protocol violations during a night curfew that was in place in Limassol. The curfew was later extended the following day in all districts, from 11pm until 5am.

Limassol traffic police and the town’s drug squad are investigating the incident.

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