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Man arrested for harboring undocumented aliens

Immigration police on foot patrol spot dozens of Syrian refugees in Akaki, Nicosia district, suspect arrested


Nicosia police arrested a foreign national suspected for harboring undocumented aliens, while 46 presumptive refugees from Syria were taken to a reception centre.

According to police, a total of 46 males including six minors were spotted Wednesday night around 9:30pm by immigration officers on foot patrol.

In front of the procession there was a man who tried to run away towards the buffer zone upon seeing the officers, according to police.

The suspect, whom police described as a 20-year-old foreign national, was apprehended by officers who found in his possession a knife with 4-inch blade. The man is being charged with aiding and harboring undocumented migrants.

The 46 Syrians were transported to the local police station in Peristerona, Nicosia district, and then transferred to Kokkinotrimithia reception centre.

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