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Man arrested in shocking pornography scandal

Explosive case involves explicit images of ex-wife, current spouse, and 10 other women

Newsroom / CNA

A 40-year-old man has been arrested in Larnaca in connection with the publication of explicit videos and photos on pornographic websites, according to Christos Andreou, a police spokesman. The case is being described as very serious, with the suspect facing charges related to the dissemination of pornographic or sexual content.

The investigation began on June 28, after a woman reported the suspect to the police for alleged offenses. Following her complaint, a second woman came forward with similar accusations, prompting ten more women to file complaints against the suspect.

After obtaining testimony and evidence, the authorities apprehended the 40-year-old suspect. He was brought before the Larnaca District Court on Saturday, July 29, where an eight-day detention order was issued against him.

The allegations involve the suspect uploading explicit content involving his ex-wife and current wife to a pornographic site. Additionally, it is alleged that he placed the heads of ten other women onto nude bodies and disseminated the edited images on another pornographic website.

The case involves provisions from various legislation, including measures to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence, protect personal data, and safeguard the character and the free movement of data.

The initial complaints were filed by the suspect's ex-wife and current wife, and later, additional complaints came from ten women who were part of the suspect's social circle, according to reports from the Cyprus Police Service.

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