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Man critical in Xylofagou hit and run

Police charge local driver after Indian man was struck while crossing the road in Xylofagou


A driver has been charged with fleeing the scene of an accident, while a pedestrian remains in critical condition after he was struck in the dead of night in Xylofagou, Famagusta district.

Police told Knews a 32-year-old local man is accused of fleeing the scene of an accident after he drove away following a road incident on Tuesday early morning.

The young man was rushed to the ER where doctors said he suffered a severe head injury, describing his condition between serious and critical

According to police, the local man was driving his car in Xylofagou around 1:30am when he struck a 19-year-old Indian male, who was attempting to cross the road. The driver then failed to stop and drove away.

The young man was rushed to the Emergency Room at Larnaca General Hospital where doctors said he suffered a severe head injury while his condition was described between serious and critical.

The circumstances of the accident were under investigation, while police said they had been looking for the driver in the area. After he was located, police officers pressed charges against him while police told Knews there was no arrest in connection with the incident.

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