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Massive effort underway in Paphos fires

Favourable conditions for authorities as they battle three suspected simultaneous arson attacks


A huge wildfire was reported in Paphos on Monday morning, with local media saying a “massive effort” was underway in response to multiple arson attacks just south of Paphos Forest.

Local media said three fires broke out simultaneously early Monday morning just south of Paphos forest, affecting the rural communities of Koilineia and Galataria as well as the abandoned village of Vretsia.

Forests Department director Charalambos Alexandrou told media a massive effort was underway to combat the blaze in an area known as “Rotsos ton Laouthkion” while additional reports said the fire was heading towards Koilineia and Galataria.

Department statements pointed to three fires raging through land with wild vegetation and trees, where arson was highly suspected.

But reports also pointed to low vegetation in some areas and absence of strong winds, with officials saying they had high chances of containing the blaze.

A fire-fighting airplane and two helicopters were involved in the effort.

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