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Meet the world's biggest anaconda: Discovered in the Amazon at 26ft

Amazon's secret giant snake revealed


In a jaw-dropping discovery, the world's largest snake has been unearthed in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest. Measuring a staggering 26 feet in length and weighing a whopping 440 pounds, this Northern Green Anaconda is truly a colossal creature.

Renowned TV wildlife presenter, Professor Freek Vonk, stumbled upon this behemoth serpent during his expedition. As Daily Mail reports, despite its imposing size, Professor Vonk fearlessly approached the snake, capturing astonishing footage swimming alongside it.

This revelation challenges prior beliefs about Green Anacondas. Previously, only one species, the Giant Anaconda, was acknowledged in the Amazon. However, groundbreaking research published in Diversity this month confirms the existence of the Northern Green Anaconda as a distinct species.

Professor Vonk, along with 14 other scientists from across the globe, spearheaded this groundbreaking study. They unveiled that the green anacondas dwelling in the northern regions of South America, encompassing Venezuela, Suriname, and French Guiana, constitute a separate species, distinct from their southern counterparts.

Remarkably, despite their striking resemblance, the genetic variance between the two species is substantial, amounting to 5.5%. To contextualize, this genetic gap surpasses that between humans and chimpanzees, emphasizing the magnitude of this discovery.

Dubbed Eunectes akayima, the Northern Green Anaconda faces immediate threats to its survival. Professor Vonk warns that rampant deforestation and climate change pose grave dangers to the Amazon ecosystem, jeopardizing the habitat of these majestic serpents.

Lead author Professor Jesus Rivas, who embarked on this journey over 15 years ago, underscores the collaborative effort behind this revelation. International researchers meticulously collected and analyzed genetic samples, shedding light on the true diversity of South America's fauna.

As the world marvels at the discovery of this colossal serpent, scientists remain vigilant, advocating for the preservation of the Amazon's biodiversity to safeguard the future of its inhabitants.

[With information sourced from Daily Mail]

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