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Messy weather to ring in the New Year

Yellow weather warning in effect overnight with showers, thunderstorms and cold temperatures


A low barometric is affecting the area once again as Cyprus prepares to ring in the New Year, with rain, snow, and possibly severe weather conditions.

Monday will start off initially with partly cloudy skies while in the afternoon it will be mostly cloudy with chances of light rain. Snow or sleet is expected to fall during the day on the highest peaks in the mountains.

Local weather conditions could be severe in some areas, with temperatures expected to drop below normal averages for this time of year

In the evening, it will snow in the mountains while local showers are expected in many areas with increasing chances of isolated thunderstorms. Strong winds are also expected in coastal areas.

Mountain road conditions

Road conditions in the mountains remain slippery while the road from Prodromos leading to Troodos is open only to vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive or anti-skid chains.


Maximum high temperatures will reach 16° Celsius both inland and in the coastal regions, while it will be 8° degrees up in the highest elevations.

Minimum lows will drop down to 8° Celsius inland, around 11° in the coastal areas, while it will be 2° degree up in the highest elevations where frost is expected to form.

New Year: snow and severe weather

A yellow warning issued Monday night is to remain effective for 24 hours.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, according to weather officials, there will be snow or sleet in the mountains throughout the day, while chances of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms in many parts of the island.

Officials warn that in some areas local weather conditions could be severe, while temperatures are expected to drop further and remain below the normal averages for this time of the year.

Thursday will be mostly cloudy during parts of the day with daytime local showers expected to develop into isolated thunderstorms in the late afternoon and during the evening. Snow or sleet will continue to fall on Troodos Mountains while temperatures will climb slightly and remain close to the normal averages for this time of the year.

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