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Mother kills young son in south Nicosia

Initial reports suggest police officer’s wife from Kazakhstan killed her own son in Geri


Police are investigating the murder of a 12-year-old boy in Geri, south Nicosia, with media reports saying his injured mother appears to be a primary suspect.

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According to local media, a 40-year-old woman from Kazakhstan was found in a pool of blood on Thursday afternoon in the entrance hall of her own apartment, while her young son was lying dead in his own bed with a stab wound in the neck and chest injuries.

Police issued no statement but CID director was quoted as saying the mother appeared to have been involved in the death of her child

Police did not issue an official report about the incident, telling Knews on Friday morning that it would be up to the discretion of investigators to release any information. Earlier statements by CID Nicosia director Neophytos Shailos pointed to a “family tragedy”.

Initial reports also said the husband of the woman, a Greek Cypriot police officer who was also the step father of the boy, was identified as the person who discovered the body and alerted authorities.

According to Cyprus News Agency, Shailos said police were notified around 2:10pm about a body in a second-floor apartment in Geri.

Shailos added that the boy was found dead in his own bed while an adult woman, who was later identified as the child’s mother, was found injured.

The mother was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital where she later underwent surgery. Reports said she was examined by a psychiatrist and she is expected to remain in hospital for treatment.

Shailos was quoted as saying that the mother appeared to have been involved in the death of her child and that police were investigating premeditated murder.

Police told Knews no arrests had been made as of Friday morning.

Media reports also said the mother was on medication related to mental health. Unconfirmed reports also said the woman’s husband had previously hidden away knives in the home out of fear his wife might act on some thoughts relating to her son’s wellbeing.

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