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National Guard and British Armed Forces collaborate in special operations exercise

The joint training exercise, 'ZEUS - 2023', strengthens cooperation and highlights excellent relations between the armed forces of Cyprus and the UK

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The small-scale special operations exercise TAMS "ZEUS - 2023" took place from July 4 to 6, with the participation of the National Guard and the British Armed Forces.

According to a statement from the National Guard General Staff, the purpose of the exercise was to co-train Special Forces personnel in planning and executing combat procedures in inhabited areas within a mountainous environment.

The exercise included various scenarios, such as airlifting and executing direct offensive actions in mountainous surroundings, training at the shooting tower, and instructing personnel in battlefield First Aid.

During the final phase of the exercise, Major General Neofytos Pachoulides, Inspector General of the National Guard, attended and commended the personnel for their excellent planning and execution. He emphasized the importance of conducting joint training to enhance cooperation and understanding between the armed forces of both countries.

The exercise, part of the Bilateral Defence Cooperation Programme between the Republic of Cyprus and the United Kingdom, is highly advantageous. It provides an opportunity for the National Guard's special operations personnel to undergo training alongside their counterparts from the British armed forces, thereby improving their level of training and interoperability. The exercise also serves to underscore the excellent relations between the armed forces of both countries.

In conclusion, the exercise serves as a testament to the commitment of the Republic of Cyprus and the United Kingdom to strengthen bilateral defense cooperation and enhance the capabilities of their respective armed forces.

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