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Heatwave sparks fire risk in Cyprus

Public urged to exercise extreme caution

Newsroom / CNA

The Department of Forests and the Cyprus Fire Service have issued a joint press release, cautioning the public about the heightened risk of fires due to prevailing heatwave conditions.

In the statement, they urge extreme caution and advise individuals to refrain from activities that may potentially ignite or exacerbate fires. This includes avoiding the use of tools or agricultural machinery that generate heat, sparks, or flames, such as welding and soldering.

The press release highlights the need for preventive measures to prevent fires caused by the exhausts of power generators or water pumps in rural areas. Burning of grass, sticks, and bushes is strictly prohibited, and lighting fires anywhere in the countryside, except in designated barbecue areas at camping sites for food preparation, is also prohibited.

Furthermore, the release underscores that lighting fires within state forests or within a 2 km radius of their boundaries without a permit is strictly prohibited. Violation of this regulation constitutes an offense punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years, a fine of up to 50,000.00 euros, or both penalties combined, as outlined by the law.

The public is urged to promptly report any signs of smoke or fire by dialing 1407 for the Forests Department or 112 for the Fire Service.

Authorities emphasize the importance of adhering to these guidelines and stress that everyone's cooperation is crucial in preventing and minimizing the impact of fires during this heightened period of risk.

For further information or inquiries, please contact the Department of Forests at [contact information] or the Cyprus Fire Service at [contact information].


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