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New cameras ahead aimed at preventing accidents on roads

Cameras and lights set to transform traffic

Marios Christofi

Serious road accidents have become an open wound for society in Cyprus, with the competent authorities taking additional measures as the systems of photo-signaling and mobile cameras, which may have improved the numbers of accidents compared to previous years, however they did not manage to solve the whole issue.

A series of actions are already underway, which are expected to be implemented in the next period, while other proposals are under design with the main goal of gradually reducing road accidents and mitigating the problem.

Minister of Transport: "There is a plan - Discussions for continuous upgrading"

The Minister of Transport, Alexis Vafeadis, in statements to "K" said, "the reduction of serious accidents is an action that has been running for years, that is, it is a policy that is implemented by the European Union, we participated in its formation and we proceed to its implementation. There is a plan, there is a plan that is implemented but there are also other discussions, so that we have a continuous upgrade of the road safety plan".

New cameras are coming to the road network

A project that will be implemented soon, according to the Minister of Transport, is the installation of new cameras on all highways and other points nationwide. A measure that will help the road supervisors to have an immediate picture of any incidents and will allow a quick response in case of accidents.

Four bright signs to inform drivers

Also, bright signs were installed, two on the road Nicosia - Limassol and two more on the road Nicosia - Larnaca (point where the highway Nicosia-Larnaca joins with Limassol-Nicosia), which will inform the public about what is happening on the highway and are expected to operate from day to day.

Towards the extension of the signs with emoji - The emergency gates are increasing

The Ministry of Transport and the Department of Public Works another measure that they are studying is the installation and operation of more signs with emoji in the urban road network, while they got the green light for the extension and other emergency gates in three highways.

"The goal", as the executive engineer of the Traffic Studies and Road Safety Branch, Alexis Avgoustis, told "K", "is to place these signs in schools and other areas", stressing at the same time "this measure is preventive and helps to build culture".

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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