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New decree enforces ban on car sales, exempts certain groups from movement ban

Divorced or separated parents, disabled persons, and those suffering from chronic illnesses were exempted from the new measures


A new decree issued by the Health Minister on Wednesday with immediate effect banned the sale of cars and excluded several groups of people from the travel ban, including divorced or separated parents, disabled persons, and those suffering from chronic illnesses.

According to the new decree, the sale of all motor vehicles is prohibited until April 13.

Exempted from the partial lockdown enforced on Tuesday evening was the operation of retail businesses trading in spare parts, tyres, and garages.

The new decree issued by Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou, also provided certain exemptions to the travel restrictions announced by President Nicos Anastasiades in his national address on Monday night.

Among those exempted from the restrictions on movement are divorced or separated parents, to ensure “uninterrupted communication between parents and children,” the decree stated, though it was not clear whether parents would be required to present proof or divorce or separation.

Also exempted from the partial lockdown measures are the chronically ill, as well as disabled persons and people will special needs in cases where movement may be part of their treatment.

Some 30 people reported for violating movement ban

On the first night of the enforcement of the movement ban, which came into effect at 6pm on Tuesday night, police reported 31 persons who were found to be in violation of the new stricter measures in place as efforts mount to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou told 24news that from the checks conducted islandwide 31 persons were reported.

Police had flooded Cyprus streets on Tuesday night, with Andreou stating that a sum of 110 police cars and 250 members of police patrolled the island to ensure compliance with the new measures.

Though Andreou noted that the public had in general had conformed to the movement ban, some Paphos businesses showed reluctance to adhere to the new measures, with police filing reports against a souvlaki restaurant which was also serving customers, and a mini market were gathered.

Nicosia streets deserted

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, Nicosia residents showed compliance with the movement ban, with police conducting intesive checks in the capital finding that those travelling are carrying the necessary document stating the reason for their movement or have sent an SMS.

The only case of non-compliance was observed in the Strovolos Municipality, which failed to bar entry to two parks.

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