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Cypriot president drops hint of full curfew

Anastasiades: next step will be to ban all movement without exceptions

Source: CNA

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades warned on Tuesday of asymmetric consequences, if people don’t fully comply with measures against COVID-19.

He also clarified that if people misuse or disobey measures, announced by the government, the next step will be to ban all movement without exceptions.

“Today we lost 2 more fellow citizens as a result of the pandemic. We all need to realize that if there is no full compliance with the measures, there will be asymmetrical consequences for all. To win this war, stay at home, in the shelters” President Anastasiades wrote on twitter.

He also noted that there is an attempt to misinterpret the explanations given on Tuesday by the Minister of Interior and the Deputy Minister of Innovation, in relation to exceptions applying to the ban.

The President wrote that he wants to clarify that “if there is misuse or disobedience towards new measures, the next step will be to ban all movement without exceptions.”


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