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Nicos Nouris to run for Nicosia Mayor

Democratic rally's role in election matters


Former Minister of Interior, Nicos Nouris, has hinted at the possibility of running for the position of Nicosia Mayor. He mentioned the Democratic Rally's procedures concerning election matters during his appearance on 'SPOR FM 95.0' and the show 'News Diaspora.' Nouris emphasized his deep connection to Local Government, which holds significant importance for many people.

"I served for 17 years in Nicosia Municipality, some years as deputy mayor. Then, I was a Member of Parliament in the Internal Affairs Committee for about seven years, and later became a Minister, where I completed and brought reforms to the Parliament. Obviously, many easily associate my name with elections, especially concerning Nicosia, for which my interest has been and remains constant and impartial," he clarified.

Due to his association with past elections and his dedication to Nicosia's well-being, many people naturally consider him a potential candidate for the Mayor position. Nouris explained that he remains an active member of the Democratic Rally and revealed that the party will soon engage in discussions and decision-making processes. He expressed his intention to discuss matters within his party first before making any public announcements.

When asked about the timing of the discussions within the Democratic Rally, Nouris explained that the leadership plans to address these issues immediately after the summer break period, making way for an efficient and timely decision-making process.

As the election season approaches, all eyes are on the Democratic Rally and Nikos Nouris as they contemplate the future leadership of Nicosia.

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