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Nine new cases detected on Thursday

A cluster that includes a nurse at the Larnaca general hospital grew to by four more people, including another nurse in the same department


Nine new coronavirus cases were detected on Thursday, when 2,893 tests were conducted, raising total known cases to 1,663.

Five of Thursday’s new cases were contacts of other known cases. Four are contacts of the nurse of the Larnaca general hospital endoscopy department announced on Wednesday, one is a nurse in the same department, while the other three are close contacts from the nurse’s family environment. With the four contacts detected on Thursday, the specific cluster now numbers eight people. The fifth contact is the wife of a case announced on September 22.

Two more cases were detected among the samples of those who took the test privately. One took the test at the request of their employer, with the test coming back positive despite the case being asymptomatic. The second case is a woman who flew to Cyprus from Nepal via Quatar on September 18 for business purposes and took the test before starting her job. She is also asymptomatic.

Another new case was detected at the Larnaca airport, involving a woman who flew in from Frankfurt on September 23.

The final new case was collected at the Famagusta general hospital, involving a man who developed symptoms earlier in the week and visited the hospital’s emergency department for treatment.

The Famagusta general hospital is currently treating 12 coronavirus cases, one of which is in the ICU.

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