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24 July, 2024
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Nothing but clear skies in the upper 30’s

Week starts off with mostly clear weather with temperatures below 40


Skies will be clear Monday following early morning fog and low clouds, with maximum temperatures in the upper 30’s around the capital.

Following a hot weekend with temperatures exceeding 40, Monday starts off with a slight dip which is expected to last at least for the next three days.

The sea will be relatively calm with light winds from the south east developing into southwesterly and northwesterly moderate winds and then turning into strong southerly winds.

Maximum temperatures are expected to reach 38° Celsius inland, around 31° on the western coast, 32° in the rest of the coastal regions and 29° on the mountains.

Evening weather will remain mostly clear with a chance of light fog and low cloud formations appearing at dawn. The forecast did not indicate a chance of rain.

Minimum temperatures will drop to 21° Celsius inland, south and eastern coast, around 20 in the north and west, and 17° degrees on the mountains.

No noticeable changes in temperature are expected through Thursday, with the forecast showing nothing but mostly clear weather for the next three days.

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