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Pair try to trick their way out of restriction measures

Two persons, who appear to be linked, showed police during a check a message supposedly sent by the Republic granting them unrestricted travel

Newsroom / CNA

Police have cuffed a man and a woman who appear to have attempted to trick the authorities with a fake message supposedly sent by the Republic of Cyprus that said they were granted permission to move around unrestricted for 48 hours.

According to the police, on April 4 a man travelling in Episkopi was signalled by British Bases police to stop for a check, with the man presenting the police officer with a text message that appeared to have been sent by the Republic of Cyprus, that said that the man was allowed to travel around as he wished for a period of two days.

On Sunday, a 40-year-old woman who was stopped by police in Limassol also showed the same message.

Police moved to arrest the woman at her home on Monday, while the man who was stopped in Episkopi was also arrested on Tuesday, with the woman telling police that she had acquired the text message through the male suspect.

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