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Paphos worker succumbs to injuries

Death of contractor under police investigation, not clear if labour officials are involved


A 63-year-old man succumbed to his injuries on Saturday, almost two days after he was found seriously injured inside a building under construction in Paphos.

According to local media, the man believed to be a contractor failed to return home on time Thursday evening. His wife, who went out to search for him at a construction site, reportedly found him unconscious and critically injured.

An ambulance rushed the man to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors on duty said he suffered serious wounds including internal bleeding in the brain.

CNA described the incident as a work-related accident but it was not clear whether Labour officials were involved in the investigation

Additional information emerged later saying the contractor appeared to have fallen from considerable height, causing him very serious injuries including a severe head wound, while the time, duration, and conditions of the incident were not clarified.

Officials said the man was admitted into the ICU where he succumbed to his injuries early Saturday morning.

Cyprus News Agency described the incident as a work-related accident, however it was not clear whether Labour officials were involved in the investigation, currently being carried out by CID Paphos and the town’s petty crime unit.


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