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PASYKAF combats Cyprus' 2nd most common cancer in women

Thyroid health in focus: PASYKAF's campaign in Cyprus


In a dedicated effort to shed light on thyroid health, the Pan-Cyprian Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) has launched a groundbreaking campaign in collaboration with the Cyprus Endocrinological Society and OPAP KYPROU. Timed with World Thyroid Day on May 25th, their mission is clear: to arm the public with vital knowledge to combat thyroid disorders, focusing especially on thyroid cancer.

Beyond the physical symptoms, thyroid disorders quietly impact emotional well-being, often manifesting in anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. This silent struggle highlights the importance of community awareness and support.

Recent data from the Cyprus Cancer Registry underscores thyroid cancer as a significant concern, constituting 90% of endocrine system cancers. Alarmingly, it ranks as the second most common cancer among women and the sixth among men in Cyprus. Therefore, early detection and intervention are crucial.

Recognizing signs such as neck nodules is vital for prompt diagnosis. Regular clinical examinations and self-checks play a pivotal role in identifying red flags like persistent hoarseness, throat masses, and swallowing difficulties, prompting individuals to seek medical attention promptly.

Understanding risk factors, from environmental triggers to genetic predispositions, is essential in the ongoing fight against thyroid disorders. PASYKAF provides a wealth of informational resources accessible through their website or helpline at 77 77 1986, empowering individuals to take charge of their thyroid health journey.

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