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Patient at old Nicosia hospital goes ballistic

Police detain man for causing a scene but then take him to Nicosia General Hospital


Police are investigating an incident where a 39-year-old local man was screaming and threatening fellow patients at the old Nicosia hospital downtown.

The man, who appears to have a complicated medical history, began shouting at doctors and patients at the old hospital, threatening anyone who would dare get in his face.

The screams were too loud that many patients got scared and worried about their safety, according to reports.

It was not immediately clear what had preceded the outburst.

Police came to arrest the man, described as a Greek Cypriot who may be dealing with mental issues, but they ended up taking him to Nicosia General Hospital for treatment.

It is not clear whether an arrest warrant would be issued.

Local media said the patient skipped his morning medication but it was not immediately clear whether this was linked to his aggressive behaviour.

The old Nicosia hospital, opposite the Parliament building downtown, is still in use as an outpatient clinic, where mostly elderly patients go to get medication and be vaccinated.

It is not clear whether any guards were on duty at the hospital. 

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