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President Anastasiades warns over restrictions for unvaccinated persons

'Some people should realize they have a social responsibility'

Source: CNA

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades warned on Saturday over possible restrictions for unvaccinated persons, stating that some people should realize that they also have a social responsibility.

Responding to questions in Limassol, as to whether the government will take more restrictive measures in the wake of rising COVID infections, President Anastasiades said a two to three-week period will be given to allow unvaccinated persons to receive their first, second or booster shots.

This is a first decision that sends a strong message “before taking stricter measures because we are left with no choice” the President added, noting that “after that, the measures will be tightened.”

“In order to avoid a total lockdown some people should be excluded, no matter how much we respect their views,” he said, pointing to examples in Greece, Austria and France.

“We have no choice if we don’t want to drive companies into bankruptcy due to the stubbornness of some people. They should, at last, realize that the time has come to understand that individuals also have a social responsibility.”

On his part, Minister of Health Michael Hadjipantela said in Larnaca that the only answer to a total lockdown is vaccination of the wider population and did not overrule the possibility for restrictions to unvaccinated persons.

“One of the reasons the virus still exists is that some people have not opted for vaccinations. We may not go into a lockdown for the unvaccinated but there could be some restrictions to their movement,” he said

Hadjipantela will meet the Scientific Consultation Committee on the handling of the pandemic on Monday to discuss possible responses to the rising COVID cases. He said that before meeting the scientists he will meet with the President and as CNA learned, they will discuss both Cyprus’ epidemiological situation and experts` suggestions.

The message is that the main way to put an end to the pandemic is through vaccination. It's up to us to get vaccinated, to go through the pandemic and to celebrate Christmas without the previous restrictions,” the Minister said.

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