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Rate of women in knowledge-intensive services in Cyprus well below EU average

In the EU, women form a majority in knowledge-intensive services despite constituting less than half of the EU workforce, but Cyprus is lagging behind

Newsroom / CNA

In 2019, 77.9 million people in the EU were employed in knowledge-intensive services, of whom 31.8 million were men and 46.1 million were women.

Although women represent less than a half of all employed people in the EU (46%), they are a majority in knowledge-intensive services (59%), according to data released today by Eurostat, the statistical service of the EU.

Across the EU, the share of women employed in knowledge-intensive services ranged from 50% in Malta and Luxembourg to 67% in Lithuania and Latvia in 2019. In Cyprus this rate is 46.2%.

At regional level, women accounted for the highest share of total employment in knowledge-intensive services in Central and Western Region in Lithuania (69%). This region was followed by Opolskie in Poland, Lower Normandy in France, South Finland and Swietokrzyskie in Poland - all with women accounting for 68% of employment in knowledge-intensive services.

At the other end of the scale, this share was the lowest in North Aegean (40%) in Greece, Spanish autonomous city Ceuta (41%) and two other regions in Greece: South Aegean and East Macedonia, Thrace (both 42%).


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