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Robber takes victim on a cash withdrawal spree

Russian businessman robbed at knifepoint in Limassol, forced to withdraw money from ATM


Police are investigating a case in Limassol where a male suspect robbed a foreign businessman and then forced him to withdraw cash from several ATM’s.

According to local media, a 44-year-old Russian businessman was in his apartment Thursday after midnight, around 12:45am, when he answered the door to a knife-yielding man wearing a hockey mask.

The businessman tried to resist and ended up being wounded with minor injuries. He then took the assailant at the money safe in the residence and gave him $1000 in cash.

But the suspect said he wanted more money and forced the Russian man to drive together to a bank in Limassol, where the businessman made three separate withdrawals to the tune of €650.

The suspect then run away and the 44-year-old notified the police regarding the incident.

The Russian businessman then went to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital where doctors treated him for a broken finger and abrasions.

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