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Russia lauds China's peace plan for Ukraine

Foreign Minister Lavrov highlights Beijing's proposal as diplomatic opportunity

Source: Reuters

In a statement on Thursday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov lauded China's proposal as the "most reasonable" plan for resolving the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Beijing had introduced a 12-point peace plan over a year ago, outlining general principles to end the war without delving into specifics. Initially met with a tepid response from both Russia and Ukraine, the plan drew criticism from the United States, which accused China of endorsing Russia's "false narrative" and failing to condemn its invasion.

Lavrov, quoted by state news agency RIA, emphasized that the Chinese document addresses the root causes of the conflict and advocates for their elimination, employing a logical structure from general principles to specific details. Despite initial criticism of its vagueness, Lavrov described the plan as a sensible initiative put forward by the "great Chinese civilization" for discussion.

Russia has expressed willingness to engage in talks regarding Ukraine but insists that any negotiations must recognize what it terms the "new realities" on the ground, where Russian forces control nearly a fifth of Ukrainian territory and Moscow has laid claim to four Ukrainian regions.

In contrast, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has proposed his own peace formula, calling for an end to hostilities and a complete Russian withdrawal from all occupied territories. Lavrov dismissed Zelenskiy's initiative as a mere "menu" from which elements can be selected arbitrarily.

Switzerland has announced plans to host a conference based on Zelenskiy's peace proposal, though Russia has criticized the initiative as futile, asserting that it cannot succeed without Moscow's involvement.

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