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Sassoli says EP calmly waiting on UK

EP to vote on Brexit after its ratification by UK Parliament, says President Sassoli

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The European Parliament will vote on Brexit only after the agreement’s ratification by the UK Parliament, the Conference of the President of the political groups decided on Monday.

Speaking in Strasbourg, EP President David Sassoli said that “the European Parliament will be the final actor to have its say on the withdrawal agreement.” This, he added, will follow the UK Parliament examination and approval of the deal.

“Once they have done so it will be up to the European Parliament” he noted.

The EP President also said that the Constitutional Affairs Committee is starting the examination of the agreement.

Sassoli said that the Conference of Presidents will meet again on Thursday. “We will continue to act in a calm manner and move forward rapidly. This is our duty” he concluded.

Earlier on Monday, Director General for Communication and Spokesperson of the European Parliament, Jaume Duch, told reporters in Strasbourg that the EP will be the last to vote on Brexit and pointed to the meeting of the Conference of the Presidents.

The EP is ready to do its part of the job but for now, the ball is in UK's Court, Jaume wrote on twitter after the conclusion of the meeting. 

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