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Second phase of relaxation of measures kicks off on Thursday

Cyprus will soon be plunging into the next phase of the lockdown exit roadmap, which will see the SMS system and curfew scrapped


Cyprus will be making an important step toward resuming daily life as normal on Thursday, when the second phase of the gradual lifting of restriction measures is set to kick off.

Thursday will mark an important milestone in the island’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic, which broke out on March 9.

Cyprus’ positive reaction to the first phase of the relaxation of measures, which was implemented on May 4 and saw the retail and construction sectors resuming operation and permitted movements of the public per day increase from one to three, means the government, backed by the scientific opinion of its health advisory committee, can safely move to launch phase two.

All restrictions on movement will be scrapped along with the SMS system that was used so far to request permission for any movement that fell under the justifiable reasons set out by the government.

It also follows that the curfew that has so far been in place between 10pm and 6am will also be scrapped.

The public will be able to gather in groups of no more than 10, a rule that will also apply to the number of persons permitted on a table at a restaurant, café or bar, also set to open their doors on Thursday.

Even so, the new relaxation of measures will continue to depend on the continuous epidemiological evaluation of the unfolding situation.

On its part, the government, in an attempt to limit instances of excessive relaxation on behalf of the public and businesses, will be raising the amount of the fine to be issued to any violations of measures.

The second phase in detail

Phase two of the relaxation of measures will span from May 21 until June 8. The resumption of schools, unrestricted travel, the opening of food and beverage businesses to the public, and the lifting of restrictions on attendance of church services are among the most fundamental aspects that will be returning to the daily lives of Cyprus residents.


Primary and secondary school students return to school classrooms, while students of the first and second grades of secondary school will continue through e-learning. Kindergarten and pre-school students will sit out the remainder of the academic year.

Hairdressers, barber shops, and beauty salons resume operation.

Food and drink businesses, barring nightclubs, will be allowed to accept customers in outdoor areas, in groups of no more than 10. Relevant legislation states that any smoking areas within these businesses can be considered an outdoor area.

Libraries, museums, archaeological and historical sites reopen as of June 1.

Ports resume full operation as of June 1, though passengers of cruise ships will still not be able to disembark.

Betting agencies resume operation.


SMS system and curfew scrapped.

Gatherings of up to 10 people permitted.

Free movement within parks (excluding playareas), squares, marinas.

Attending church services and other forms of religious worship permitted from May 23, but subject to strict health and safety protocols that the Health Ministry will determine. These protocols will also apply to weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Unrestricted use of beaches to resume from May 23, but will be subject to health and safety protocols.

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