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Stranded abroad? Here's what airlines must provide

Airlines required to cover accommodation and transport for canceled flight


Flight cancellations and lengthy delays are the primary issues frustrating travelers, according to Trade and Industry Officer Anastasia Stylianides. Addressing these concerns, Stylianides also clarified the rights of passengers when their flights are canceled.

"Unfortunately, our rights are not activated in the case of a flight cancellation," Stylianides stated. European legislation mandates compensation for delayed flights: €250 for flights up to 1,500 kilometers, €400 for flights over 1,500 kilometers, and €600 for flights over 3,500 kilometers. However, if a flight is canceled more than two weeks before the scheduled departure, this compensation is not applicable. Instead, passengers can either reschedule their flight within three days or receive a full refund.

For travelers stranded abroad due to flight cancellations, the airline is obligated to provide accommodation if the cancellation occurs at night and to arrange for the passenger's return on the next available flight within three days. "The airline must also cover transportation costs to and from the airport," Stylianides emphasized.

She further clarified that no additional compensation is provided for cancellations caused by weather conditions, technical issues with the plane, or air traffic control strikes.

Stylianides's remarks come as travelers continue to express dissatisfaction with the handling of delays and cancellations, highlighting a need for greater transparency and support from airlines.

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