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05 December, 2023
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Sun, showers, and soaring temperatures

Experience a mix of weather adventures this weekend


Today's weather forecast brings a mix of conditions across Cyprus. Initially, the skies will be predominantly clear, but as we progress into the afternoon, expect to see an increase in cloud cover, particularly in mountainous areas. Isolated rain showers are anticipated mainly in the higher elevations.

Winds will vary from southwest to northwest, blowing at light to moderate speeds, ranging from 3 to 4 Beaufort. Sea conditions will be slightly choppy. In terms of temperature, the mercury is set to climb, with highs reaching around 36 degrees Celsius in the interior. Coastal regions will experience temperatures of approximately 32 degrees in the southeast and along the east coast, while the rest of the coastal areas will see highs around 31 degrees. Cooler conditions will prevail in the higher mountain regions, where temperatures are expected to hover around 24 degrees.

As we transition into the night, the skies will clear up, offering mainly clear conditions. During the early morning hours, there may be some localized fog or low-lying clouds, primarily in the eastern areas of the island. Wind patterns will shift from predominantly northwest to northeast, with southeast winds along the northern coast. These winds will be light, maintaining a 3 Beaufort level, and sea conditions will range from calm to slightly rough. Overnight temperatures will be more comfortable, dropping to around 19 degrees inland, about 21 degrees along the coast, and approximately 15 degrees in the higher mountainous regions.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday promise mainly clear skies. During this period, temperatures are expected to gradually rise, surpassing the seasonal average. It's time to enjoy the sunny and warm weather across Cyprus.

Stay tuned for further updates on your local weather conditions.

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