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21 September, 2023
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Sunny skies, strong winds, and a chance of showers ahead

Changing weather patterns bring clear days, gusts of wind, and the possibility of rain in Cyprus

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Currently, a weak low-pressure system is affecting the region, causing occasional patches of sparse dust in the atmosphere. However, these dust conditions will gradually subside as we move into tonight.

For today's weather, we can expect mostly clear skies, although scattered patchy clouds may develop in the afternoon. Winds will predominantly be from the southwest to northwest, starting off light to moderate at around 3 to 4 Beaufort. As the day progresses, the winds will increase from a moderate to strong level, reaching 4 to 5 Beaufort by midday. In certain areas, particularly along the southwestern coast, winds could be very strong, ranging from 5 to 6 Beaufort. The sea conditions will start off slightly rough but will become a little rough to choppy during the afternoon. Temperature-wise, inland and on the east coast, we can expect highs around 34 degrees Celsius, around 32 degrees on the south coast, approximately 28 degrees on the rest of the coast, and around 24 degrees in the higher mountains.

Moving into tonight, the weather will remain mostly clear. However, later in the evening, we can expect locally increasing low clouds along the west and northern coasts. Winds will shift to mainly northwest, with southwest winds prevailing along the north coast. Initially, the winds will be moderate and locally strong, blowing at 4 to 5 Beaufort. Gradually, the wind intensity will decrease, becoming light to moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort, with some areas experiencing moderate winds at 4 Beaufort. The sea conditions will continue to be a little choppy. Overnight temperatures will drop to around 17 degrees inland, 16 degrees on the northern coast, approximately 18 degrees on the rest of the coast, and around 12 degrees in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead to Thursday, we can expect mainly clear skies, although there may be some patchy clouds, particularly in the western half of the island, where isolated light rain showers are possible. The wind will be stronger, especially in coastal areas.

As we move into Friday, isolated and mainly light showers are expected initially in the west. Later in the day, we anticipate locally increasing clouds that could bring isolated showers and brief thunderstorms, primarily in the mountains and inland areas. On Saturday, isolated showers and possible brief thunderstorms are expected during the midday hours and later, mainly confined to the mountains and inland regions.

In terms of temperatures, we can expect a notable drop on Thursday, with little change on Friday. However, on Saturday, temperatures will slightly rise, hovering just below seasonal averages.

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