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Surging numbers of illegal residents deported in 2024

Cyprus Police collaborates with FRONTEX in joint operations, marking a drastic rise in repatriations

Newsroom / CNA

The Cyprus Police announced on Sunday that a total of 2,247 individuals, found to be residing illegally in Cyprus, have been deported or repatriated from the Republic of Cyprus territory in 2024 until March 8. This surge in actions is part of the ongoing efforts by the Police to facilitate the return of third-country nationals to their respective countries.

Compared to the same period last year, the numbers reflect a notable increase, with a total of 1,645 people deported or repatriated during the corresponding timeframe.

The latest joint forced-return flight occurred on March 5, orchestrated in collaboration with the FRONTEX Agency, resulting in the deportation of several individuals. Notably, this marks the third instance of the Cyprus Police participating in a joint repatriation and deportation operation with FRONTEX in 2024.

The Police, in conjunction with the Aliens and Immigration Service, are actively working to maximize the number of returns as they continue their efforts in this regard.


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