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Suspects remain in custody in drug overdose death

Three Syrian nationals deny involvement as police bring manslaughter charges


The Limassol District Court renewed the remand of three suspects in connection with the death of 18-year-old Ioannis Asikkis, who died from a drug overdose last week.

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Police investigators are bringing manslaughter charges against the men, all Syrian nationals aged 28, 39, and 25, who were arrested 10 days ago on initial charges of supplying illegal drugs, while Ioannis was still in a coma at Nicosia General Hospital.

Unconfirmed media reports say at least one of the suspects made initial contact through Facebook just prior to the meeting

The young man, who died last week just one day shy of his 18th birthday, reportedly got the drugs from the suspects, during a meeting at a cafeteria in Trachoni.

The suspects, who were all remanded Thursday for eight days, deny any involvement in the case.

Their hearing took place a day earlier but due to a 2-hour delay in getting started, the judge said they would break for lunchtime after hearing all arguments and would announce the remand decision on Thursday. 

Defence lawyers had argued in court that a new remand of their clients would have been without merit, pointing to lab test result delays which they believe could dismiss any connection of the suspects to the case.

Unconfirmed media reports on Thursday said that at least one of the suspects made initial contact through Facebook just prior to the meeting. 

During the remand hearing, the court heard that Facebook would have been a method by which drug dealers would look for potential customers online. 

Another 38-year-old man, who is the owner of the cafeteria, is wanted by police and currently believed to be abroad.

Cops conducted a raid in the cafeteria on the evening of June 11, where they spotted the 28-year-old suspect who matched the description given to police. The two others were also arrested and then all were re-arrested Friday on new charges, just one day after Ioannis died in hospital.

Police said the 28-year-old had in his possession 8.5 grams of cannabis, 9 grams of mdma capsules also known as “Molly”, 19.5 grams of cannabis resin known as hashish, according to police, who also confiscated a precision digital scale.

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