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Sweden to send troops to Latvia amid Hungary's NATO opposition

Turkey clears path for Swedish NATO membership despite Hungarian resistance


Sweden is poised to bolster its military presence in Latvia, signaling a significant step toward potential NATO membership despite ongoing resistance from Hungary.

As reported by Euronews, the decision comes as Sweden aligns itself closer to the US-led alliance, amid escalating tensions in the region.

In a move aimed at fortifying Latvia's defenses against potential Russian aggression in the Baltics, Sweden announced its intention to deploy combat troops to the region. The Swedish soldiers, numbering between 600 to 800, will form a crucial part of NATO's "Enhanced Forward Presence" initiative, operating on a rotational basis for six-month periods.

While Sweden has yet to formalize its membership within the NATO alliance, it has actively begun to engage within NATO frameworks, showcasing its commitment to regional security. The decision to send troops underscores Sweden's departure from its longstanding policy of neutrality, a shift prompted by escalating geopolitical challenges and Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Sweden's bid for NATO membership, launched in May 2022 following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, faced significant obstacles, notably opposition from Turkey and Hungary. While Turkey recently ratified Sweden's NATO membership bid, Hungary remains steadfast in its resistance, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressing vehement opposition to Sweden's integration into the alliance.

Orbán's objections stem from Stockholm's criticism of Hungary's perceived erosion of democratic norms and the rule of law, a point vehemently denied by the Hungarian Prime Minister. Despite these challenges, Sweden remains undeterred, actively participating in NATO exercises such as "Steadfast Defender 2024," the largest military maneuver since the Cold War era.

As Sweden navigates the complex dynamics of NATO accession, its decision to bolster Latvia's defenses underscores the country's commitment to regional stability amidst escalating tensions with Russia. The outcome of Sweden's membership bid remains uncertain, contingent upon overcoming opposition from Hungary and securing unanimous approval from all NATO member states.

[With information sourced from Euronews]

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