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Tatar: Countries reluctant to recognize pseudo-state due to threats

What the leader of the Turkish Cypriots claims

Source: CNA

According to TC leader Ersin Tatar, nations that want to recognize the Pseudo-state are being threatened. Ersin Tatar stated that "the unanimous acceptance of our application to the Organisation of Turkish States two weeks ago is an important milestone in our political struggle", during a conference on the "Blue Homeland and Cyprus in the context of developments in the Eastern Mediterranean" organized by Ditsle University.

He continued by saying that even the Organization's members were under threat. "If you recognize the 'TRNC', you might find yourself cut off from trade, economic relations, and a variety of other problems, they were warned. In fact, because of the threats they are facing, friendly nations are hesitant to recognize the 'TRNC'," he said, alluding to the fictitious state.

"We anticipate that with the backing of Turkey, and now the entire Turkish world, our sovereign rights there will be strengthened. At the same time, we anticipate that the prosperity of the Turkish Cypriot population and their presence on the island will gradually increase, giving us a stronger foundation from which to assert our sovereignty rights throughout the island and its surrounding area. And perhaps in the future, as is everyone's hope and desire, we will benefit from the fight for energy resources like natural gas and hydrocarbons with the support of the Republic of Turkey in the Blue Homeland and be able to enjoy a prosperous life "declared Ersin Tatar.

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