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Tatar speaks to Kathimerini: No ground for starting talks

Turkish Cypriot leader answers questions on Kathimerini about the Cyprus issue and a number of important topics that affect relations between the two communities?

Nikos Stelgias

Nikos Stelgias

A year after he became the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, Ersin Tatar gives a full interview to "K". Mr. Tatar considers that at the moment in the Cyprus issue there is no room for the start of talks. With this in mind, the Turkish Cypriot leader expresses his opposition to the idea of ​​appointing the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for the Cyprus issue.

Answering the questions of our newspaper, Mr. Tatar presents his own vision for the solution of the Cyprus problem. Reiterating his insistence on sovereign equality, Mr. Tatar focused on how the Cyprus issue could be settled on a new basis of a solution.

The Turkish Cypriot leader also talks about the issue of the EEZ and the closed Varoshi. For the first issue, Mr. Tatar hints that at this stage he would prefer a moratorium. For the closed city, it sends the message that the Turkish plan is progressing normally, despite the delays that are observed.

Neither the Greek Cypriot side, nor the EU or the international community is in a position to accept the unacceptable position of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side for a two-state solution

T/C leader Ersin Tatar considers that there is a big problem in the whole process of Halloumi, noting that the Turkish Cypriot side was ignored in the whole process. As he says, in the case of honey and other products the supervisors were appointed directly by the EU, while in the case of halloumi the supervisors will be appointed by the Greek Cypriot side. He also responds to the notorious list of dissidents, noting that he has not received anything.  

Did we reach a dead end on the issue of halloumi?

This is a big problem. Initially we approached the whole issue with good will. However, once again the Turkish people were wronged. We have asked for it many times from the EU: Please contact us (for the issue of halloumi control)! For control there is a company called "Bureau Veritas". Its supervisors will be appointed by the G/C side. People from the Greek Cypriot administration will come here to check the Turkish Cypriot halloumi. And this despite the fact that we are in no way going to become a sub-administration of the Greek Cypriot state. Politically, we have the separate TRNC. And our authorities must control the halloumi. And my side should be able to appoint supervisors. We asked for the direct appointment of supervisors from the EU. We were told "no, the Republic of Cyprus will appoint them". This caused a political problem.

From what I understand the current impasse arose despite the original agreement, right?

From what I have learned about the whole matter, in the case of honey and some other products the supervisors of the "Bureau Veritas" were appointed directly by the EU. Those supervisors visited both the south and the north. In those cases there was no problem. However, there was no such agreement for Halloumi.

"I do not have the Turkish list for the Turkish Cypriot opposition"

Concluding our interview, I would like to ask your opinion on a new issue that has arisen in your community's relations with Turkey regarding the famous list of people who are not allowed to enter Turkey.

Turkey, for its own security and for its own reasons, says to these people, "you have stated the following against Turkey and for this reason I do not allow you to enter the country." It does not arrest or judge these individuals. Turkey just does not accept them in the country. What should I do? The opposition, Tufan Erhiurman, criticizes me.

They ask you if you have started consultations with Turkey on the whole issue…

No. Everyone knows what is happening. Our Foreign Minister, who is dealing with the issue, talks with his counterpart in Ankara and the Embassy here. They told us they would not publish such a list. They are not able to know the names included in the list. Let those who write think this (texts that are directed against Turkey). And they will find out the whole situation when they go to Turkey. I personally do not have such a list at my disposal. And I did not see it.

In the list published by "Avroupa", the name of the former T/C leader also stands out…

I am not familiar. Is there really such a list or is it a product of imagination? We do not know that. If there really was such a list they would share it with me.

JV: Tatar confirms what the President says

With what he stated in the newspaper "I Kathimerini" the Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, "essentially confirms what the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis and our side are saying", said the Government Spokesman Marios Pelekanos, stressing at the same time that the Government is intensifying its efforts. "In all directions, until the conditions are created, which will lead us to the resumption of negotiations, in the context determined by the Security Council resolutions and the convergences achieved so far."

At the same time, Mr. Pelekanos stated in a written statement that Mr. Tatar also confirms "and that it is the Turkish Cypriot side that is responsible for the fact that the UN Secretary General has not yet proceeded with the appointment of a special envoy, as the New York dinner arrangement ".

"He also confirms that the attitude of the Turkish Cypriot side is an obstacle to the resumption of negotiations, stating, among other things, that if the UN Secretary General proceeds with the appointment, the Turkish Cypriot side will refuse to go to the meeting," the spokesman said.

According to Mr. Pelekanos, he also made it clear that "they do not want any involvement of the Security Council in the effort to resume the dialogue."

As the President of the Republic has repeatedly stated, the Government Spokesman added, "there is no question of accepting the unacceptable demands of the Turkish Cypriot side for recognition of sovereign rights in the illegal regime."

"Neither the Greek Cypriot side, nor the EU or the international community is in a position to accept the unacceptable position of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side for a two-state solution," he stressed.

In addition, Mr. Pelekanos stressed that "we remain committed to our goal for a solution of a bi-zonal bi-communal federation, as provided for in the resolutions of the UN Security Council, but also in the High Level Agreements".

A solution, he continued, that would be in line with EU principles and values ​​and would respond to the concerns of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

At the same time, the Spokesman stated that "we are exhausting all available tools in order to prevent the continuation of the illegal actions of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, both in the sea area of ​​the Republic of Cyprus and on its territory, and especially in the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta."

"Not only are we not stopping but we are stepping up our efforts in every direction, until the conditions are created that will lead us to a resumption of negotiations, within the framework set by the Security Council resolutions and the convergences achieved so far," he concluded.

Convening of an International Conference on the Cyprus issue is requested by EDEK

For its part, commenting on the interview of the Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, EDEK stated that the occupying leader reaffirmed the Turkish aims and objectives.

The party noted that since the other side "has unwavering provocative positions, we must claim the convening of an International Conference on the Cyprus issue with priority discussion of the international aspect of the issue."

EDEK added that "we must break free from the Turkish position that wants the Cyprus issue to be a bi-communal or energy issue."

Concluding, the party stressed that "our goal should be to promote the Cyprus issue as an international problem of invasion, continued occupation and ethnic cleansing and human rights violations through the use of our political and diplomatic weapons."

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